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1853productions is the home of all the video work created by students within the Royal Russell School Media Department.  This includes national award-winning film trailers and opening scenes, co-curricular projects like MUN TV and promotional material used in the marketing of the school.  All of these videos were planned, shot and edited by A-level pupils, many of whom are now studying on elite media related courses or are enjoying successful careers in TV or advertising.  As a result of their success, we now offer Media at GCSE.

Our Pupil’s Coursework

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Royal Russell pupils learn to plan, shoot and edit their own videos. They produce music videos, trailers and opening scenes, many of which have been nominated for national prizes.


Check out Ryan’s award winning video

Ryan’s film trailer won Media Magazine prize in 2017 for the best student produced video in the UK.  This is the most prestigious award for 16-19 year olds in the country.  We think you’ll see why he won…


Our pupil’s Co-Curricular Projects


What is unique about Media at Royal Russell is our large-scale, co-curricular projects and events.  These equip our students with skills and experiences in live broadcasting in a professional context.  


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